NFL Fan Dies… Should We Cancel Games Like Raves?

As many of you know, some dude died at an NFL game last weekend. One other person was injured as well in the accident. This situation, although different in many ways, begs for a comparison to the recent deaths in the rave scene.

The last day of Electric Zoo was cancelled due to casualties that occurred on site. The premise of cancellation was that these raves are the causality in people being killed. Not that user negligence or an unlikely and unfortunate tragedy took place.

Information on the fans state of inebriation have not been released. “Alcohol may or may not have played a role to some varying degree, but right now, it looks like a very sad, tragic accident,” San Francisco Police Chief Greg Suhr said.

Regardless of whether or not the death was alcohol related, it’s known football games are a hotbed of crime. For instance, “Last season, the 49ers had 3415 incidents, including 23 felony arrests, 201 fights and 630 ejections from the stadium.” according to San Francisco police.

Can you imagine 3415 incidents happening over the course of 16 raves (like 16 games in a season)?

Whatever promoter was responsible for those events would have more lawsuits than we could imagine. They’d be governmentally shut down and thrown in jail, or something.

Now we’re left with one simple fact. Raves are held to a different standard. Someone dies at a rave, it was the music, the promoters, or the cultures fault. Someone dies at an NFL game, it was an unfortunate tragedy. In the mainstream media’s eyes anyways.

For raves, the reaction is to close down the event, even though 99% of them go off relatively hitch free. For football, the reaction is to mourn, and that’s it. Nothing else is called into question, and there’s no way that any games would be cancelled.

What do you think we should do about this?

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