Mysteryland Music Festival at Woodstock Site

A new US festival is in the works. It’s called “Mysteryland”. That’s mysterious.

A few days ago we learned that Insomniac is looking to host a festival at the 1994 Woodstock site. This festival is looking to get really real with it and go to the original 1969 Woodstock site.

For those unfamiliar: Mysteryland is a festival that’s been running for 20 years in the Netherlands by event producer ID&T. It’s kind of a big deal.

The promoters are aiming for Labor Day weekend, you may remember if you caught the Insomniac article, that’s the same weekend that they’re looking to smash the 1994 Woodstock site.

Don’t expect the festival to be on EDC scale level, though. They will only be releasing 20,000 slots for attendees for each day. The total cost they’ve allocated for the entire fest is $10 million dollars.

Mysteryland will cater to the more underground scene, rather than the mainstream. There will be over 20 different genres on display!


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