Making Wub: 10 EDM Songs to Make Love To

There’s no denying it: bass makes that bitch come. It’s quite noticeable that there is a lot of love in the air when EDM is being played. So I’ll get right down to it: if you haven’t made a sexy playlist for that special someone, you need to.  Nothing makes a late night better than some smooth bass in the background, and Be The Rave is here to help with 10 must-have wubs to get wet to.

#10: Alive – Krewella (Stephen Swartz Remix)

This is how Krewella sets the mood, and this is the perfect way to start this list. Stephen Swartz took a song that was already sexy and turned it into a monster of seduction. This songs means pure business. The business of Love-makin’.

#9: Above and Beyond – You’ve Got to Go (Seven Lions Remix)

Above and Beyond creates a melody that’s warm like a lover’s embrace, but when Seven Lions steps up to remix, this song goes from simply melodically beautiful to a monster of lust and satisfaction. Pounding bass will create a sweet perspiration you can look forward to. Keep your cool, we’ve still got 10 more songs to go.

#8: Get Lucky – Daft Punk

It’s not really making love if you don’t have funk. Daft Punk’s entire album centers around sexual encounters, so of course we had to toss in the song that set it all into perspective. Take some time to slow down and bring that passion back in before getting back into the grind of things. This is some good fun, why sprint through it?

#7: Blue Foundation – Eyes on Fire (Zeds Dead Remix)

That’s enough playing around, let’s get back to business. Zeds Dead’s paramount remix of Eyes on Fire is one of those songs that you need a partner to listen to. It’s that grimy, primal nature that’s seductively persuasive, not to mention it’s a thumping-good song.

#6: Kaskade & Quadron – Waste Love

Kaskade has the sexy house music on lock, but what brings it down to the love-making level is his deep house. Keep it simple, don’t complicate these feelings. Slide into something you can get comfortable with, and enjoy it.

#5 Flux Pavilion – Starlight

You’ve made it halfway through the list, and it’s time for a little appreciation. Remember that you could be everything in your partner’s eyes. You shine brighter than anyone else. This was made for you, and Flux Pavilion wants to be there while you bring this one home for the winning team.

#4: Kill Paris – Rudimental

Did you think you’d make it through this list without hearing at least one Kill Paris song? Get that funk on and bring it in for everything you’re worth. This is that driving, deep sound you’ve been waiting for.

#3: Grammatik – You Don’t Understand

And it just keeps getting funkier. Hopefully you’ve tossed in some moves you’ve never tried, because this song is a breeding ground for inspiration. It’s that dirty, funky fun that leaves you begging for more. Not much longer now.

#2: Blackmill – Spirit of Life

Bringing it down to the end, Blackmill’s Spirit of Life will bring you in for that special closing action that you never knew you needed so much. It’s that passion, that progression into harmony and melody, and that filthy, filthy bass.

#1: Flight Facilities – Crave You (Adventure Club Remix)

The climax of our journey ends with Adventure Club’s remix of Crave You. This song is sex for your ears, creating an atmosphere of lust and seduction. With a driving, pounding bass line and vocals that make you drip, this brings our escapade to an end. You’ll have to find your own music to cuddle to.