Insomniac: Official Statement on Banning of Gloves

A few days ago, we did a Facebook post asking you whether or not LED gloves used for lightshows should be allowed back into events. Hundreds of users responded, and the majority opinion was that they should be allowed. One of our fans, Vinny DePola, got an actual official statement from one of the biggest event promoters in the industry: Insomniac Events.


We are really impressed that Insomniac took the time to issue this response to a single event-goer. Props Insomniac!


Here’s what they had to say:

From: Insomniac

Hey Vinny,

We have spent considerable time and efforts in Insomniac meetings discussing the pros and cons of attendees giving LED light shows at Insomniac events. Although there are many who use these lights as an art form, the image that it creates when groups of music fans are sitting or lying on the floor gazing at the designs reflects poorly and sends a false message of what the electronic dance music scene is about. This image jeopardizes our ability to produce events, which we love and plan on doing for decades to come. In addition, concerns have been raised about attendees sitting on designated dance floor areas and in walkways.

We’ve made many efforts to keep this to a minimum by introducing the “Get Up and Dance Crew”. These teams were organized to roam around the festivals to encourage people to not lay or sit in designated dance areas or emergency walkways. Unfortunately, this wasn’t as sufficient as needed.

In conclusion, LED gloves/LED microlights used for light shows will no longer be allowed into Insomniac events until further notice. Insomniac always strives to create a fun, music filled environment with state-of-the-art production and large-scale art installations that incorporate both artistic lighting and pyrotechnics. Our intentions are to keep the dance music scene healthy and respectable so we can continue to produce unique and memorable experiences for all of our fans to enjoy. For the time being, we ask that you please leave the light shows to us and contribute to the longevity of our beautiful scene.

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