David Guetta Claims DJ Mag Poll Sabotage

David Guetta is possibly the most hated DJ/Producer in the game. Most people, at this point, don’t even understand why they dislike him. They’re just following the bandwagon and playing along with what has become a common perception of his position in EDM. The opinion is that he is either untalented, a sell-out, or is a food item. We’re not saying they’re right or wrong, though these people have probably never heard any of his earlier tracks.

What is completely and objectively true, is that Guetta has an enormous following, and does extremely well in the DJ Mag Poll as a result. We know that many of these artists buy their place in these polls. We’ve all seen the ebay listings that were selling votes for a low-low price. What we didn’t know is that there’s all sorts of EDM gangsta sabotage at hand. This DJ Mag business is cut throat, yo.


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