Life In Color San Diego, CA: Ft. Borgore, DVBBS & David Solano- 4/26/14

by Gregory Lambon April 18, 2014
After closing out the 2013 year with a 25,000 person festival in Miami, Life in Color the “World’s Largest Paint Party” is BACK and ready to transform 2014 with the release of their UNLEASH TOUR! Providing fans the perfect escape from their everyday lives, Life in Color unites people from all over the world and […]


Kids Under 12 Partying at New York Night Clubs

by Gregory Lambon April 16, 2014
New York has a new club for under-aged partiers, but you have to be younger than 12 to get in. CNN Money ran a story today about a new company called Fuzipop that puts together dance parties for children at major nightclubs around Manhattan. Held once a month for children ages 6-12 and their parents, […]

Sign the Petition to Save EDM Events in Toronto

by Gregory Lambon April 15, 2014
A fan sent us this petition saying: Hey Be The Rave. In the last week, a bill has passed in Toronto forbidding any “EDM” concerts to take place on city grounds. The push was from a greedy club owner who wasn’t getting any bookings in his own club and deemed these events drug ridden. Our […]


Creamfields Swamp Donkey

by Gregory Lambon April 15, 2014

Tosh.0 on DJs

by Gregory Lambon April 11, 2014
“If you can tell the difference between electro-house, trance and dubstep; it’s time to check into rehab”

best rave interview ever

The Best Rave Interview Ever — Enter the Thunderdome

by Gregory Lambon April 10, 2014
No drugs were injured in the shooting of these inteviews.

Christian Church Attempts to Convert Ravers using PLUR

by Gregory Lambon April 10, 2014
“You’re looking for PLUR, right? Well, let me share with you God’s love” - Actual quote from the video below The folks at “Plurway” or “Plur life ministries” are hoping to help you find maximum PLUR. They’re super-hip and can show you the way to becoming bae #1 in God’s eyes, or something. The rigid […]


Video Causes Natural Hallucinations

by Gregory Lambon April 1, 2014
Who needs drugs when you have science? Hopefully they have these at EDC.


deadmau5 Twitter Hacked by Anonymous

by Gregory Lambon March 31, 2014
BREAKING — Deadmau5′s Twitter hacked by anonymous. Wait a minute… April fools day just so happens to be today. So, April fools guys. :]

EDC Likely to be Live Streamed This Year

by Gregory Lambon March 31, 2014
Can’t make it out to Sin City this year to celebrate with the owls? Looks like Insomniac has you covered:

joel ban

A Petition Started to “Ban deadmau5 from performing at any music festival based in the United States”

by Gregory Lambon March 31, 2014
Update: We did not start this petition it was sent to us A fan just sent us via the BTR FB page. Fresh off his Ultra Music Festival appearance, Joel “Deadmau5″ Zimmerman has had a petition started in hopes of banning him from “from performing and/or appearing at any music festival based in the United […]

Download: Ultra Music Festival 2014 Live Sets

by Gregory Lambon March 30, 2014
Artist Download link 1 (Zippyshare) Download Link 2 (Mediafire) Download link 3 ( 2 Friday (28.03.2014) 3 Andy C – Live @ Ultra Music Festival UMF 2014 4 Datsik – Live @ Ultra Music Festival UMF 2014 5 Eric Prydz – Live @ Ultra Music Festival UMF 2014 6 Kaskade – Live […]


Download: Dillon Francis Ultra Music Festival 2014 Live Set

by Gregory Lambon March 30, 2014
Download: Dillon Francis Ultra Music Festival 2014 Live Set CLICK TO DOWNLOAD

Miami City Officials Call For End To Ultra Music Fest

by Gregory Lambon March 30, 2014
Sunday is day three of one of the biggest electronic music events in the country. Some city officials, however, are calling for the end of the Ultra Music Festival in downtown Miami after Contemporary Services Corporation guard Erica Mack was trampled Friday night while trying to stop a group of people who didn’t have tickets […]


deadmau5 Live Tweets Ultra & Mocks “Press Play DJ” Accusations

by Gregory Lambon March 29, 2014
Deadmau5 is a professional Twitter artist who is known for producing the electronic musics on the side sometimes. This weekend he replaced Avicii on stage due to his hospitalization. Deadmau5 is known for not being what you’d call the best live DJ. Many people compare him to an iPod, and he himself in the past […]


LA Coliseum Commission to pay Insomniac approximately $400K in Legal Fees

by Gregory Lambon March 28, 2014
Another slap in the face comes for the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum Commission, as it has been ordered to pay Insomniac, Inc. approximately $400,000 in attorney’s fees stemming from the Commission’s failed lawsuit against Insomniac and the company’s CEO, Pasquale Rotella. The ongoing battle courtroom drama that stems back to 2011, has been a complete […]
2013 American Music Awards - Show

Ultra finds Replacement for the Hospitalized Avicii

by Gregory Lambon March 28, 2014
As we reported earlier, Avicii has been hospitalized. Ultra made some quick moves and got Deadmau5 to extend his stay in Miami to fill in for him. Deadmau5 wrote it best saying “if you got ultra trouble, i feel bad for you son, i got 800,000 problems but a set aint one. :D” and “well… […]